It rivals Buckley vs. Vidal, I tell you

My latest bloggingheads diavlog is up. This one is with The American Prospect‘s Ezra Klein. Topic include Todd Purdum’s Vanity Fair essay on Bill Clinton, why Ezra hates political science, and the state of public intellectuals in America. Go check it out (warning: the sound quality is a bit erratic)!!

So…. are the Clintons morons?

James Fallows writes the following about Hillary Clinton’s mindset in running against Barack Obama: The Clinton team doesn’t worry about hurting Obama’s prospects of winning in the fall, because they assess those prospects at zero. Always have. Obama might not win if he leads a bitterly divided party, but (in this view) he was never […]

The New York Times didn’t ask me, but then again, that’s why I have this blog

The New York Times Book Review asked a bunch of writers which books they would recommend to the presidential candidates. Most of the submissions said more about the writer’s politics than anything else, though I liked Gore Vidal’s response best: I can only answer in the negative: I want them not to read The New […]

Monica Crowley’s jet black pot

On her blog, Monica Crowley disapproves of Scott McClellan’s new tell-all book: [F]or someone who was once the president’s confidante, someone he knew and trusted, someone who gave him the opportunity of a lifetime, to write a tell-all while that history is still being made, is not cool. There will be plenty of memoirs coming […]

Al Qaeda is losing

Last week, we sawquantitative evidence that terrorist tactics in general — and Al Qaeda in partcular — appears to be on the wane. This week, there’s some qualitative evidence that Al Qaeda is losing, and losing badly, among its core constituency — Muslims sympathetic to the cause of jihad.

Speaking of karma….

Appropos of my last post, it’s worth remembering that five years ago western investors were fretting about the implosion of China’s financial sector. In the here and now, you have this sort of gleeful comeuppance as reported by the FT’s Jamil Anderlini: Western governments must strengthen their oversight of financial markets and improve cross-border regulatory […]

The blog post that writes itself

From the Hollywood Reporter‘s Karen Chu: Sharon Stone, who last year was a guest of the Shanghai International Film Festival, now faces a boycott of her films in China after she suggested the devastating May 12 earthquake there could have been the result of bad “karma.” Stone’s remarks, made Thursday at the Festival de Cannes, […]

What made me laugh today

If you read much about baseball on the web, you soon discover that Kansas City Star beat writer Joe Posnanski is someone who’s worth reading. Posnanski proves this today in a hysterically funny tirade against those who worship at the feet of Derek Jeter — not Jeter himself, but rather those who deify him. In […]

Where should Hillary go?

The New York Times’ Carl Hulse and the Washington Post’s Shailagh Murray and Paul Kane file similar reports: the notion that Hillary Clinton will downshift from presidential candidate to Senate Majority Leader or a similarly high-ranking position is complete fiction. To sum up: Clinton does not have a ton of seniority. All the high-ranking Dems […]

There are crazy people everywhere

Lots of people are fretting about the persistent and mistaken belief of some Americans that Barack Obama is a Muslim. [Not that there's anything wrong with that!--ed.] Over at his Politico blog, Ben Smith puts this 10% of mistaken Americans in perspective: [L]arge minorities of Americans consistently say they hold wildly out-of-the-mainstream views, often specifically […]