Reviews of Theories of International Politics and Zombies

Course Syllabi

The Foundations of Economic Prosperity The Art and Science of Statecraft The Politics of Statecraft Classics in International Relations Theory

Paper Advice

“On Writing a Paper.” (September 1999)  This is pretty didactic — I wrote the original draft when I was in Ukraine trying to teach English-speaking students how to write a propaganda-free esaay. Alas, I have found it increasingly useful to disseminate to both undergraduates and graduate students.


The System Worked:  How the World Stopped Another Great Depression.  Oxford University Press, 2014. Theories of International Politics and Zombies. Princeton University Press, 2011. Avoiding Trivia: The Role of Strategic Planning in American Foreign Policy. Brookings Institution Press, 2009. All Politics Is Global: Explaining International Regulatory Regimes. Princeton University Press, 2007. U.S. Trade Strategy: Free […]

Book Reviews

The Invention of Market Freedom, by Eric MacGilvray, in Political Theory, 41 (February 2013). China, the United States, and Global Order, by Rosemary Foot and Andrew Walter, in H-Diplo Roundtable, July 25, 2012. No One’s World: The West, the Rising Rest, and the Coming Global Turn, by Charles Kupchan, in The National Interest, May/June 2012. […]

Journal Articles

“The System Worked: Global Economic Governance during the Great Recession.”  World Politics 66 (January 2014):  123-164. “Military Primacy Doesn’t Pay (Nearly As Much As You Think).”  International Security 38 (Summer 2013):  52-79. “International Political Economy, Global Financial Orders and the 2008 Financial Crisis.”  Perspectives on Politics 11 (March 2013):  155-166 (co-authored with Kathleen McNamara). “Sanctions […]

Occasional Essays

“Five Myth about Sanctions,” Washington Post, May 4, 2014. “Putin’s Excuse for a Referendum is Wrong.” The Guardian, March 17, 2014. “What Nick Kristof Doesn’t Get About the Ivory Tower.” Politico, February 21, 2014. “The Purest Political Economist of Them All:  Albert Hirschman’s Legacy.”  The Political Economist 10 (Summer 2013):  6-8 “America’s Fast Food for […]

Policy Papers

“Rebooting Republican Foreign Policy.” Foreign Affairs 92 (January/February 2013): 143-152. “The Power of Economics and Public Opinion.” Policy Review 172 (April/May 2012): 17-26. “Does Obama Have a Grand Strategy?” Foreign Affairs 90 (July/August 2011): 57-68. “First Bank of the Living Dead.”  The National Interest 109 (September/October 2010):  62-71. “Weighing the Scales:  the Internet’s Effect on […]

Working Papers

“The Irony of Global Economic Governance: The System Worked,” Council on Foreign Relations working paper, Ocober 2012. “An Analytically Eclectic Approach to Sanctions and Nonproliferation,” October 2010.  “The Tragedy of the Global Institutional Commons,” September 2010. “Defending the Realist Interest:  Policy Advocacy and Policy Planning in an Anarchic World,” November 2009.  “Macro First:  Policy Coordination […]

Someone keep Fleet Street away from Bill Clinton

So by now everyone knows that Bill Clinton thinks the American press corps is in the bag for Barack Obama. Indeed, I suspect that in their heart of hearts, more pundits and reporters like Obama than Clinton (though, as Chris Matthews pointed out a few weeks ago, what they really like is a never-ending horse […]