Earn yourself a high-profile acknowledgement!!!

The hard-working staff here at danieldrezner.com is calling on its readers for help.
Your humble blogger has a forthcoming article in Perspectives on Politics that, in draft form, used the following editorial cartoon to explain a particular theory of public opinion formation:
In order to publish the cartoon in the article, I need to locate a cleaner version of this caroon, plus copyright permission from the syndicate that distributes it.
The thing is, I have no idea who drew this editorial cartoon, or which syndicate distributed it. As the cartoon probably suggests, I clipped it out of a newspaper more than a decade ago because I thought it was funny. I had no idea I’d be using it for a scholarly article.
So, whoever can identify the artist and syndicate that distributed this sucker will get added to the acknowledgments in the paper itself. {Wow, a real acknowledgment!! Are employees eligible?–ed. Eligibility restricted to individuals not directly related to the blogger.]
Go to it!!
UPDATE: Thanks to the many readers who responded with the correct answer — the Akron Beacon Journal‘s Chip Bok. Alas, only the first responder gets the acknowledgement.

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4 responses to “Earn yourself a high-profile acknowledgement!!!”

  1. Chris

    Quickly googling the unique signature at the top (BOK), the author seems to be Chip Bok, syndicated through Creators Syndicate.

  2. Perry Mason

    Just do your thing, publish it, and they’ll get in touch with you. Give me the letter and Paul, Della, Gerty and I can take care of everything from there.

  3. Nicholas Weaver

    Yeup, Chip Bok. Its pre 2002 I think, as there is an online site for such things going back at least that far.
    You can probably get in contact by

  4. Virginia Postrel

    Chip Bok, who also contributes to Reason, is at the Akron Beacon Journal: cbok@thebeaconjournal.com